"Thank you for your professionalism in the recent sale of my Mammoth condo. You made it as painless as possible especially taking on the task of arranging the necessary involvement..."
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Real News – May 2018

WORKFORCE HOUSING While local government elections can be contentious, candidates for this election have had one resounding “thread” – Workforce Housing. It is apparent that there is the public will and the expectation of action. The new Town Council and County Board of Supervisors will start their terms with two foundational milestones completed. A comprehensive… Read More ›

Real News – April 2018

KEEP LOOKING While all the current indicators point to its being a “seller market,” if you are currently considering buying don’t hesitate to start looking. The key is to understand the market well enough so when that exceptional buy is listed you can respond quickly. Come to Mammoth, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and let’s… Read More ›