6 Steps to a Successful Transaction

Most consumers think a real estate licensee offers a single service — matching a buyer and seller to a property.


BrokerInTrust believes its committed, experienced brokers offer much more.


Indeed, BrokerInTrust professionals know there are a minimum of six essential steps, six phases found in virtually every transaction. Some are more important than others.


Some play a larger or smaller role in each transaction, yet fail to focus on any one of the six essentials and the odds of problems arising increase dramatically.


The Six Essentials to 100% Service


  1. Devising a Strategy — 20%
  2. Matching Buyers and Sellers — 20%
  3. Negotiating the Transaction — 30%
  4. Vetting the Vendors — 5%
  5. Counseling Clients to Close of Escrow — 20%
  6. Services after the close of Escrow — 5%

Details on each are available at www.BrokerInTrust.com. Keep in mind that your BrokerInTrust broker has the resources, knowledge and experience needed to devise a strategy, yet it is the client who is always the ultimate decision maker. That may seem obvious, yet regardless the skill of the broker, it is the client who must live with the consequences of each and every decision, large and small. Toward that end, BrokerInTrust ensures that the client’s motivations and broader goals inform ever decision regarding the purchase of a home.


The broker needs to understand and be sensitive to the intrinsic value clients place on owning a home while also considering general market condition, neighborhood specifics and the ebb and flow of a housing market that sometimes shifts day-to-day as properties come on and go off the market.


A successful strategy is not an eye-pleasing presentation that resides stiff and lifeless in a beautiful binder. A strategy is a living, breathing extension of every client, a road map to wise decision-making that the client and their BrokerInTrust broker together edit, revise, and rewrite as conditions change and evolve.


A strategy combined with a solid ground game makes the entire process more efficient, productive, lowers stress, avoids problems and exponentially raises the odds of success. It’s a product crafted by clients in partnership with an experienced, committed broker.


Working with a full-time, dedicated, committed BrokerInTrust broker ensures they will be there no matter when an issue arises.

BrokerInTrust is the Answer!


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